Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Whole Foods - New Leadership Needed

I love seeing stuff like this - Whole Foods founder and CEO, John Mackey, has - for some 8 years - been posting anonymous comments on the WFMI stock message board at Yahoo.

Mackey claims he "had fun doing it." Look, there's no question that stock boards are completely irrelevant to all but the most thinly-traded stocks, and at least so far there is no indication that Mackey did anything more than pseudonymonously pat himself on the back and generally sing the praises of the company. But what does it say of the judgment of the leader of major company that he would even look at stock boards, much less get his jollies posting on them using as an alias an anagram of his wife's name?

Whole Foods runs a hell of a grocery store, but they desparately need some adult supervision at corporate HQ.

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Julia said...

Some people just like to toot their own horn...while using an anagram of their wife's name.