Monday, July 30, 2007

Facebook Revisted

When, last winter, I last discussed the potential for a sale of Facebook, I urged the company to jump at the purported opportunity to cash out for north of $1B. Times have changed, and so has my opinion. Facebook has opened itself up, both to new classes of users and in an open-source way that is leading to explosive growth in applications centered around Facebook. These events have made the site a far more useful means for organizing information and connecting with others. Hell, even this corporate tool - who went to college well before e-mail and the web - now has a Facebook page.

I don't know where these applications will get to, or whether they will ever make any money for those developing them. And the Facebook interface, despite having some very nice features, has some strange quirks, particularly around e-mail. Nonetheless, it appears to be building into something quite a bit more valuable than I would have imagined a few months back.

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