Monday, March 27, 2006

Merger Woes

Nothing relevatory here, but nice high-level list of some of the mistakes that can keep an acquiror from realizing value from an acquisition.

And speaking of value not realized, I had to chuckle at the news that Skype is now being sued over the IP acquired by Ebay in picking up Skype. I figured that Skype was primarily a marketing/sub acquisition play by Ebay, but some tried to convince me that the deal was primarily about Skype's technology. Let's hope not.

The lawsuit may be a whole lot of nothing, and the fact that the causes of action are styled as RICO claims makes me think there's more hyperbole than merit to them. But with questions over the transferability of the technology and the Skype founders' former business dealings, I'd say the Ebay/Skype deal isn't shaping up to be a nominee for the M&A hall of fame.

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