Friday, March 31, 2006

The "Managerial Administration"

The Bush administration has often prided itself on its "managerial" nature, and I tend to agree - it has shown many of the aspects of a (poorly run) business.

Latest case in point - the appointment of Josh Bolten as Chief of Staff. As I've harped on before, one problem with corporate decision-making is a tendency by staffers to say "yes" to senior management (and a corresponding desire by senior managers to want to hear it). A related problem is a lack of diversity of viewpoints: Even if open discussion is encouraged, too much insularity precludes new ideas from getting in. The Bush administration appears to have both problems, and responding to recent crises by appointing yet another insider shows yet again the inability of this poorly-managed enterprise to right itself.

Of course, in the corporate world we would expect a business run like this to quickly fail - here we have to wait for the next election.

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