Monday, March 16, 2009

Good News! Businesses Cut Legal Costs

Because sanity dictates I look for silver linings anywhere I can in this economic meltdown, let me offer one up: According to a recent article in, corporate legal departments are going through an aggressive reduction in legal spend.

As I've noted before, there are benefits to a limited-resource approach when providing corporate legal guidance - whether this approach is driven by design or necessity:

- Rethinking how "goldplated" routine legal work needs to be (resulting in more responsive client service).
- Forcing inhouse teams to prioritize around where they can add the most value at the lowest cost (instead of just trying to button up every risk).
- Reducing stupid legal tricks like taking a scorched-earth approach to anything that even has a whiff of a potential trademark of copyright violation.
- Requiring inhouse attorneys to be more creative and engaged with actually driving value in their businesses.

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