Monday, October 06, 2008

Corporate Dealmaking in the Ruins

I moderated a panel on “extreme dealmaking” at last week’s Corporate Dealmaker Forum in New York – I don’t know that there has been a period in living memory of more “extreme” M&A than we’ve seen in the last few months. From Bear Stearns' shotgun marriage to JPMorgan to the host of bank failures and other hastily-arranged weekend tie-ups, very large enterprises have been rushing into deals at breakneck speed.

Just as surely as the process has witnessed staggering amounts of equity destruction, it will certainly offer some fantastic opportunities coming out of the other side. The remaining healthy banks think so, as they attempt to fatten up cheaply on the remains of their less-risk-averse brethren. The tussle between Citi and Wells Fargo over Wachovia is only the latest chapter. We’ll see more activity, even if things get darker, as those with the resources to do so start laying the groundwork for better days in the future.

After the conference I did an interview on ABC News Now about the economy and the election – we polled 20 of Avvo’s top-rated bankruptcy lawyers to get their thought on this topic, and the results were certainly intriguing. Check out the video.

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