Monday, March 10, 2008

Confidently Handling Legal Matters

People ask me what, exactly, we're doing here at Avvo. It's really quite simple - despite the stakes involved, consumers have precious little in the way of resources when it comes to getting legal guidance. The #1 source for consumer legal information is the Yellow Pages!

We're trying to change that by pulling more legal information and guidance together in one place than has ever been done before. For example:

Looking for an Albany NY criminal defense lawyer, Eliot Spitzer?

Need an Orange County bankruptcy attorney now that your ARM has reset?

How about getting some free answers on what do about your first DUI?

Central to Avvo is the mixing together of public records data and user-generated content to create rich profiles of attorneys. Those profiles, along with other resources like Avvo Answers, are designed to help consumers handle their legal matters with more confidence. I'd love to hear comments and suggestions on how we can do an even better job with this.

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