Monday, March 26, 2007

Wither Private Equity?

Some readers have asked why I don’t have much to say about private equity, as PE seems to be the hot topic in just about any current financial forum. For starters, there’s not much that I could say, opinion-wise, about PE that isn’t already being more than adequately addressed by Equity Private and others in the PE field. Secondly, my focus always has been on corporate – strategic – dealmaking rather than that of the PE, or strictly financial, type.

For this reason, folks need to understand that my posts on topics such as the limitations of financial analysis are to be viewed through the lens of the corporate acquirer, who may be blending in non-financial (or at least difficult-to-quantify) factors relating to competition, speed to market, organic growth alternatives, etc. Obviously, financial analysis should take a far more prominent role in a PE setting.

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