Friday, December 01, 2006

The Evils of Private Equity?

Excellent analysis from Going Private in response to the increasing spate of journalistic attacks against LBO transactions - she does a nice job dispensing with the muliple "shareholder protection" arguments that are popping up against PE deals.

I would add that there's nothing inherent in LBOs that makes them any less favorable to shareholders than strategic M&A transactions. At root, all of the objections to PE are based on a common presumption of board ineptitude and managerial duplicity. The assumption that evil managers will run their companies into the ground so they can pursue LBOs is comedic (as we've seen, such types prefer the easier work of book-cooking and options back-dating). In any event, there are just as many opportunties for corrupt management to profit via strategic M&A as there are in LBO deals, so why are our PE friends being singled out?

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