Wednesday, September 20, 2006

HP Board Shenanigans

With my blog locked up, I haven't been able to comment on the boardroom mess over at HP, but I'll leave it at this - I am not surprised in the least that HP's Board chair pursued a take-no-prisoners investigation of boardroom leaks that included sussing out the phone records of Board members, HP employees and even several reporters. Hubris is an ugly thing.

What's disappointing is the lack of media perspective on the fact that a senior Director of a major American company was leaking confidential company information in the first place. Such disclosures are most likely violations of a Director's fiduciary duty and confidentiality agreements, have a corrosive effect on the workings of the Board, and do a disservice to the company and its shareholders. Sadly, this tale of corporate governance in breach doesn't make the juicy copy of a ham-handed pat-down by HP's investigators.

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