Thursday, January 19, 2006

Save it for Baseball

I'm in San Jose for the Wireless Communication Association symposium - look here for the buzz about Clearwire coming out of the show. It seems to be a very well-attended event this year, but walking the exhibition floor last night I immediately found an early contender for over-used cliche of the year: "Triple Play." Brilliant and rare in baseball, here at WCA the phrase seems to be spilling from everyone's lips, and was plastered on at least a half-dozen exhibition booths. Sure, it's fine to have shorthand for providing three services (voice, data, video) to a customer, but this is a hackneyed sports metaphor dressed up as an exciting new product ("triple play services!") that's nothing more than good old bundling.

Of course, I'm sure I'll find myself saying it in the months to come . . .


Mike said...

I propose three alternatives for marketers mired in trinitarian sports cliches:

1. "hat trick"
2. "trifecta"
3. "albatross" (golf)

I like albatross.
"ACME 801.1239456GERH reflexive pixilated wireless service: it's the ALBATROSS, buoyeee!"

Josh King said...

As do I, but it's tough to avoid the more widely-known negative connotation of "albatross."