Friday, August 12, 2005

Why Blog?

Why not? The process of auctioning off my former company (AT&T Wireless) and dealing with the year-long effort to close the deal with Cingular and divest assets to meet the needs of the Department of Justice, has crystallized many of my thoughts on good and bad corporate development practices and tactics. Of course, considering what to do with my life post-merger, engaging in an extensive job search, going through numerous interviews and taking a new job has also given me ample opportunity to consider what I like and don't like about corporate development (and the corporate world in general).

I'm hoping this forum will help organize some of these thoughts on corporate development, negotiating tactics, and other corporate fun-and-games. Even if no one else is interested - and I always wondered who reads blogs, until I came across some genuinely enlightening ones - I've found that committing my thoughts to paper (of a fashion) has a powerful benefit in deepening my understanding. I'd also love to hear thoughts from others on their favorite negotiating tips, corporate development practices and amusing deal stories.


abhi said...

Hi Josh,
I came via Seth Levine's blog.
And am definitely looking forward to learning more about mergers and acquisitions - it's pretty cool to actually have an insider write about it rather than read a fortune article.

Are there any books you'd recommend to understand negotiation in general and corporate development in particular ?
Perhaps you could post on your favorite 3/4/5 books in this area.

have a good one

Josh King said...

Thanks, abhi - and thanks also for not offering to have me look at some videogame blog! I'll add a post on useful reading (although there is very little out there that's specific to corp dev).