Friday, August 13, 2010

Vote on Oracle's Next Meal

The beast from Menlo Shores has an insatiable appetite, gobbling up companies large and small. Notables like Peoplesoft and Sun Micro have fallen to Larry Ellison's behemoth in recent years - so who's next?

Stephen Jannise, an ERP software analyst who follows Oracle, has taken a stab at answering that question, and invites your vote on who Oracle is likely to next set its hooded gaze upon.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Another GC Weighs in on Outside Counsel

Great post from Richard Russeth: "If Nordstrom's Was A Law Firm, I'd Give Them All My Business: 7 Mistakes To Avoid With Your In-House Client."

Terrific advice for attorneys seeking long-term corporate clients, or wondering why their clients tend to "stray." I would overlay this with previous points I've made about the importance of outside counsel offering business-focused advice, but these issues of responsiveness are so important - and such low-hanging fruit - that it's surprising more attorneys can't figure them out. I especially like rule #5.