Monday, May 21, 2007

Alltel LBO

Good news for AllTel, cashing out to PE buyers to the tune of $27+ billion. What caught my eye was this story, claiming that this deal pre-empted a process AllTel was running and caught other potential bidders napping. That could be true, although presumably at a minimum calls were made and no one was able to react in time. Obviously, if presented with a tight time frame, AllTel would need to take the (attractive) bird in hand. Doubtful the deal contains a go-shop, and at this valuation and what is likely a $1B+ break-up fee, I wouldn't expect to see any interlopers.

Corporate Tool Updated!

I've finally gotten clear of some Blogger server glitches, and Corporate Tool is now on the new Blogger. As a result, I've been able to add categories, including those covering the broad M&A topics of sourcing, valuation, negotiation, closing and integration. Naturally, there is also a place for all of my musing on "office life." I've gone back and placed all prior posts into the appropriate categories. I KNOW that will make it more useful to me when posting, and I hope it will be similarly useful for Corporate Tool readers.

Another new addition is a Google news reader for M&A topics; time permitting, I will see about adding a Corporate Tool store.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Quit Your Yapping

Here's my latest piece in Corporate Dealmaker magazine; if anything, I went light on my aversion to yapping in the workplace. I've got nothing against sports-related banter or lurid office gossip, but windbag-itis gets under my skin. Perhaps the prevalence of e-mail has made some feel the need to squeeze more out of every opportunity to talk (although their e-mail messages typically also display this tendency). Besides being annoying, this habit is ruinous when trying to get things accomplished or negotiate effectively.

Listen effectively and talk sparingly. As my favorite Southern rock band (the Drive-By Truckers) says, "just because I don't run my mouth doesn't mean I got nothin' to say."